Kendra Betz, NCTM
The Lesson
Private lessons are available for all ages depending on availability of teacher and student. 30 minute lessons are recommended for beginners and 45 minute lessons for intermediate and advanced (at discretion of teacher). 
(Revised for Maternity Leave 2017-18) Lesson tuition includes lessons throughout the academic year beginning in September and ending in May. (see the calendar for holiday breaks and vacations) Tuition fees are divided into equal monthly payments, regardless of how many lessons are given in that month.  Monthly payments are due by the 7th of each month, and a $10 fee will be charged for late payments.  A $25 fee will be assessed for all returned checks.  Students beginning mid-year will have their tuition prorated. Checks should be made payable to Kendra Betz.
At my studio:
30 minute lessons – $ per student per month
45 minute lessons – $ per student per month
Explanation of Tuition
The tuition fees are determined by multiplying the number of lessons by the lesson fee, then dividing the tuition fee by the number of months, so that you pay an average monthly fee over the allotted time.  In other words, you pay the same monthly rate whether there are 3, 4 or 5 lessons in the month.
Registration Fee
A registration fee (per student) is due at the beginning of the academic year (August).  This fee reserves the student’s place in my studio for the academic year and helps offset costs of supplementary worksheets, theory games, recitals, studio events, lesson awards and prizes and music library materials.  Not included in these fees are music and book purchases, audition entry fees and summer lesson fees.
Book Account
Each family will have a book account.  The account will begin each semester with a $40 balance and a record will be kept of all book expenses.  When the account is depleted, an additional deposit will be requested. A copy of the account will be given to the family.
Missed Lessons 
A lesson time is reserved each week for each student, whether or not the student attends the lesson.  Make up lessons will only be given if a 24 hour advance notice is given (except for sudden illness and family emergencies) and only one excused make-up lesson per academic year is to be taught by the teacher.   “No shows” will not be made up.   It is the parent’s responsibility to call if the student is unable to come to his or her lesson.   School cancelations do not imply lesson cancelations; you will be notified by telephone if your lesson has been canceled.  Lessons missed by the teacher will be rescheduled as the calendar permits.  If conflicts arise, students are encouraged to use the Swap List (see below).
Swap List
Students may opt to share contact information (name, home phone number, email address, day/time of lesson) with other students. The swap list provides flexibility for students in the event of schedule changes, vacations, etc.  Students may communicate with others on the swap list to arrange a trade of lesson times.  All swaps must be communicated to the teacher 24 hours prior to the lesson.  The swap list will become available in the fall, after the lesson schedule is confirmed.
All students must have access to a piano (acoustic or digital) with 88 full size, weighted keys and at least two pedals.  Keyboards are not acceptable after six months of lessons as they severely limit the technical and musical skills of a learning student.
Assignments are given at each lesson, written in an assignment book or binder.  Daily practice is important to the musical growth of the student.  Students should practice at least five days a week, recording their time on their assignment sheet.  Parental involvement and encouragement is essential to the student’s progress. The teacher will also give recommendations on practice guidelines for each student.  See the following chart for approximate practice times.

Level Years of Study Minutes per day Times per week
Beginner 0-1 15-20 5-6 days
Late Beginner 2-3 20-30 5-6 days
Early Intermediate 3-4 30 5-6 days
Intermediate 5-6 45-60 5-6 days
Advanced 7 or more 45-60 6-7 days
Performance Opportunities
All students are highly encouraged but not required to perform in recitals.  A holiday recital will be held in December and a spring recital will be held in April or May.  Auditions and opportunities will be available throughout the year including a Baroque Festival in October, a Sonatina Festival in November, Federation Auditions in February and WMTA (Wisconsin Music Teachers Association) Auditions in March. Other piano festivals and event information will be posted in the studio and emailed to students.  Participation in these events will be at the discretion of the teacher and parent.
Please park on the street (far away from the mailbox and please, not on the lawn) or park on the far right-hand side of the driveway, all the way up.
Student Protocol
-Please arrive on time, the lesson will be shortened accordingly in order for me to stay on schedule, and please pick up your child promptly
-Students will use hand sanitizer before each lesson.
-No gum or candy in the lesson
-Hands are clean and nails are clipped
-Please do not send your child to the lesson sick. If he/she is not well enough to go to school, he/she is not well enough for a piano lesson.
-All students will respect studio property; i.e. restroom, games, piano, CD’s, etc.  Any abuse of studio property will result in a dismissal.
              -At my studio, please remain in the studio space at all times.
-Please keep the noise to a minimum.
-Please make sure the front door is closed when coming in and leaving.
             -Please always remove shoes at the doorway.
Summer Lessons
Summer lessons will be held according to the summer calendar.  Students are encouraged to sign up for summer lessons to maintain the skills they develop through the school year.  Students that sign up for summer lessons receive priority scheduling in the fall.
If any of the following situations persists after I have notified you and provided time to correct it, I regret that I will have to dismiss the student:
  • The student demonstrates a lack of enthusiasm and willingness to participate during lesson time
  • The student consistently fails to show diligence and determination in home practice
  • Lack of dependability and commitment exhibited in persistent absences or chronic lateness

Updated 8.8.17